What is bone marrow adiposity? 
The bone marrow in adults consists mostly of fat and there is a direct relationship between marrow fat and occurrence of bone fractures or osteoporosis. Bone marrow fat cells, or adipocytes, have also been shown to have a systemic effect on metabolism. Preventing the formation of adipocytes in the bone marrow can accelerate blood production, which could be of help to patients recovering from chemotherapy. Bone marrow adipocytes are gaining increasing attention as a therapeutic target, however much remains to be discovered in order to harness their potential in metabolic, cancer, or regenerative therapies. 

An emerging field 
The first meeting on bone marrow adiposity was held in Lille, France in 2015, with the second meeting in August 2016 held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both meetings were a success in that they for the first time brought together scientists and physicians from different backgrounds (bone metabolism, cancer, obesity and diabetes) to share ideas and advance the research and our understanding of the patho/physiological role of adipocytes in the bone marrow. 

Mission & Purpose 
The objective of this meeting is to provide an environment that allows for the exchange of knowledge and discussions in the emerging field of bone marrow adiposity.

In this two day meeting, world experts will present and discuss topics of interest related to bone marrow adiposity in the format of oral and poster presentations, including on: the characterization (phenotype, function, differentiation, and imaging) of bone marrow adipocytes, the microenvironment and the pathophysiology of bone marrow adipocytes (involvement in osteoporosis, diabetes or malignant diseases, and therapeutic perspectives).

The meeting will be held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is situated at the border of Lac Leman, in close proximity to several hotels and with convenient access to public transport (metro, train, bus, boat).

A request is under review  to recognise BMA2017 as ongoing education for animal research (Swiss Veterinarian Authorities); number of credits to be determined upon final abstract book evaluation. 

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