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Instructions for abstract submission:

Title: Title case, bold, font Arial 11
Authors: First name Last name, font Arial 10
Affiliations: font Arial 9
Abstract text: maximum 300 words, font Arial 10
Format: Plain text without additional graphs or tables.

Please submit your abstract as a .doc or .docx file to: bma2017@epfl.ch
Include name and "abstract submission" in the subject line.

Abstract format:

Title of the Abstract to be Submitted

First Author1, Second Author2, Third Author3, Fourth Author2, Last Author1,2
1Laboratory, Department, Institute, City, Country, 2Laboratory, Department, Institute, City, Country, 3Laboratory, Department, Institute, City, Country  

Introduction. Abstract text.  

Methods and Results. Abstract text.

Conclusion and Significance. Abstract text.

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